Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Hospital Stay!

Hi guys,
I have a genuine reason for not writing this sooner and updating you all on my progress.......I have been in hospital for the last 5 days! It all started a couple of weeks ago when I wasn't feeling 100% but I couldn't put my finger on what was wrong. My symptoms could be really good one day but really bad the next. I woke up last Thurs morn and my legs didn't want to do much at all and it took me a very long time to even get dressed and get downstairs. Nathan took the day off work to help me with Ava, by midday I felt better and almost sent Nathan to work. Come the evening I had a very high temperature which affected my vision, my legs weren't doing anything and I couldn't hold anything. To cut a long story short I ended up being taken to hospital in an ambulance. Of course we were all panicking about the dreaded PML. After a number of tests it was established I had a nasty kidney infection which then led to another discovery of a new kidney stone, which I do not need! I hated being in there away from Ava but I had to have a course of IV antibiotics. Nathan, my family and the in-laws were fantastic in looking after Ava so Nathan could still work, and also feeding him so he didn't have to worry about eating.
The MS team are sure that it wasn't the Tysabri that made me ill, unfortunately it just makes you prone to getting infections. And as I am prone to getting UTI's (Urinary Tract Infections) I'm not surprised.

I had some very sad news a couple of weeks ago, my coach at swimming passed away. Mike was so inspiring, even when I was diagnosed with MS and I couldn't train as hard as I used to,he always encouraged me to keep going. He leaves a big empty hole in our swimming club and will be sorely missed. RIP Mike xxx

My next infusion is on May 29th so watch out for my next installment on
Bye for now,
Em xxx

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