Friday, 25 July 2008

Heat heat heat and summer holidays!

Hi all,

Well I'm finally on school holidays and already a week has passed. Bump is rapidly expanding and kicking me nicely! Everything seems to be going well with the pregnancy. We have just started to see my stomach moving from the outside which is so exciting and great for Nathan as he feels more involved. I'm 26 weeks now so only have 14 to go! I'm having another scan at 34 weeks to check that baby is growing ok and everything is on course. I suppose that is a benefit of the MS - I get extra special care!

I've not really done a great deal this week as I have been really struggling with the heat. It has been so muggy and humid that I am really struggling to walk anywhere or do anything. I am ok when I first get up and try to do as many jobs as I can before it gets too hot! I think it is just the MS flaring up and slowing down the nerve conduction, but I am sure the pregnancy has something to do with it! I have definitely noticed an improved circulation being pregnant but having always had cold hands and feet it is really strange to have hot hands and feet. Plus it adds to the loss of sensation which is not great but hey I'm not complaining, it will be worth it.

Em x

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