Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Long time, no see......

Hello world,

Yes I am still here and I am feeling very guilty for not writing for so long. So where do I start? Well we have moved to the Bungalow - yay! We moved in at the end of October and love it here. Even though it is a down size from a 3 bed house to a 2 bed bungalow it doesn't feel like it is any smaller. We seem to have much more living space and the bedrooms are big enough. The area is great too, there is a school down the road for Ava (which I approve of!) and all the neighbours have been very welcoming. They are all retired so are always about if I need any help and EVERY week they bring our dustbin in when it has been emptied, which is a novelty in itself as in the last house, the bin was always in the middle of the pavement or our driveway and the neighbours wouldn't have thought about bringing it in for you! Enough about our kind neighbours!!!

I have been back at work for 5 months now and although I only do a day and a half, I love it! I job share the teaching of Y5 with another teacher and only work an afternoon on a Thursday and all day Friday. Ava is looked after by my mum mainly (Thanks mum) and Nathan's mum for those days so we don't pay for any child care. There would be very little point returning to work if we were paying for child care as well as it is so expensive. So we are very grateful to have such great grandparents, although if she becomes any more challenging I'm sure they'll start charging!!! She is the main reason I have not written for a while, she hates me typing and closes the laptop - little monkey!

Ava is just over 15 months now and is into everything, everything that is not hers! She walks very confidently holding on to one finger but has not yet let go and 'gone it alone'! She babbles incessantly to herself and says a few words. I am putting up a picture of her as she has changed so much since the last picture I put on here of her.

We had a different Christmas this year - we went to stay with Nathan's brother out in Bermuda. He has got a 3 year working visa out there and this amazing apartment overlooking the sea. We had a lovely time but it could have been better. The weather waan't great - it was wet and windy and we all fell ill over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Nathan and I didn't even make it to the beach on christmas morning for champagne or to eat christmas dinner, we were so gutted!

My MS has been improving (sssh don't say it too loudly!). My walking has improved in the last 2 months and we're not sure why. I had some steroids in November to treat as small relapse (my eye was a bit shaky!) and since then I have felt stronger and done so much more walking. I am even using a frame at school when I feel up to it, not the wheelchair and considering going back to swimming. I've got to make the most of feeling good! Nathan thinks the improvement is due to the build up of Tysabri over the last 8/9 months. Whatever it is - long may it continue! I know I have probably missed things out but I am sure I will be told what. Ava is throwing a strop as I'm not paying her any attention so I will sign off here,

Em x

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