Saturday, 20 October 2012

So this is my not so small 4 year old little girl on her birthday on Wednesday. She is the most beautiful, kind, thoughtful, well mannered child I know.....but I am biased!

It is her party tomorrow, luckily it is at a place called Magicland, so they will do it all for us - great!

Be back soon x

Hello world!

I am back, I still exist and I cannot believe it has been 2 years since I have written on here. I have had several people recently tell me that they admire me and everything I manage to cope with so I thought I would come on and tell you about everything that has been going on in my life over the last 2 years. Boy have I got a lot to tell. Not quite sure where to start! The MS seems a good place to begin......

I have been on Tysabri for 2 and a half years now and I have been very stable during this time, I would even say I have improved and use my frame to walk a lot more, rather than the wheelchair. I discussed the possible use of LDN (low dose naltrexone) with my MS nurse and GP and looks like I could possibly try it, the ball is rolling but I do not have it yet. There are many studies saying how much LDN has helped them so all I can do is be hopeful. Fingers crossed! I have nystagmus in both eyes, which means they wobble. Trouble is one goes up and down and the other goes side to side, it can give me a bit of a headache but blinking temporarily stops it so if you see me blinking a lot you know why! My bladder seems to be the opposite of my friends with MS, it holds on to my wee for too long and I always feel like I need to go and normally don't need to. These are all little MS quirks you just end up living with.

Unfortunately I am facing another big hurdle in my life. My husband and I have separated. I am not going to go into detail but our main priority is being the best parents to our beautiful little girl. Ava turned 4 this week, where did the time go?

I was just trying to upload a pic of her but my eyes keep closing, not had a lot of sleep this week so off for a nap! Will come on later !

Em x

An insight to my life with MS