Thursday, 28 February 2008

Carnival of MS Bloggers

Hey everyone,

Check this out:

I am now a recognised MS blogger and have been welcomed into the world of blogging. Carnival of MS bloggers is a newsletter celebrating blogs by people suffering with MS, just highlighting their blogs really. It just means that my blog will be publicised and viewed by more people, which is great!

I am very excited because I have moved classrooms today. It is looking fab already, not too much left to unpack. I think I am more excited by the fact that I was in school all day and my legs are still working! I am tired but coped and am still able to walk. Things are looking up!

Emma x

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur!

We did it! We won the Carling Cup by beating Chelsea. Absolutely brilliant. I watched the game at my father-in-laws house and could not bear to sit still and watch it. They were all rather amused that I watched the last 10 mins or so from behind the door like a scared child! Well done Ramos, just the UEFA cup to win now.

I managed a training session at the pool on Sunday night, which I was rather pleased with myself about. I didn't go in my usual lane, but a lane where I could cope with the times and had enough rest between sets (thanks for having me - mum!). Trying to get back into as much swimming as I can cope with as it will hopefully help my mobility in the long term.

It was Nathan's birthday yesterday and he was spoilt as per usual. We went out for a nice meal with my family which was lovely. We have still got to choose his present from me as he wants a golf putter and I wouldn't have a clue where to start. Not 30 yet honey!

Well, it's been 5 days since I finished the steroids and I am feeling better than I did on Saturday when I wrote my last post. My skin is still a little sore around my middle, but the elf is not squeezing as tight as it was. My legs still have a strange numbness about them, which gets worse at night but I can cope with that. The good news is that my walking is much stronger, and I can stand for longer periods. I just hope that it stays that way when the steroids leave my system. I am feeling much more optimistic now and can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I went into school yesterday and had a meeting with my headteacher and bursar to discuss what adjustments they could make at school to make it easier for me to get back into work.......with great results. I AM MOVING CLASSROOMS! My classroom is currently on the top floor of a building where our playground and school hall are on the lower level. So to reduce the number of times I have to negotiate the stairs, I am doing a classroom swap on Thursday. The classroom we are moving to is much smaller and has a funny smell about it but I do have less display boards to cover in the room (and never being one for being arty and creative it's good news!). I have been in this morning and got lots of assessment bits and bobs done. But the best bit legs coped with it! I was able to walk around quite a bit and legs are still ok now and not too tired. Long may it continue.

Oooh, a bit of out for me in a national magazine shortly.......will let you all know when and where as soon as I know....


Saturday, 23 February 2008

Ouch ouch ouch!

Good morning all!

I bet you're all wondering why this blog is called ouch ouch ouch!? (or maybe not!) Well the last couple of times I have had IV steroids, I notice that I finish the treatment on the Thursday and by the Saturday morn (now) my skin is so so sore to touch. I could feel it getting more and more uncomfortable throughout the night, so much so it hurt to turn over. I had to even turn the power down on the shower this morn because it felt like shards if glass raining down on me. Nothing a few painkillers won't help!

So I have the day to myself today, what to do? Well, firstly I have to get my planning done for my supply teacher next week, then I think it will be an afternoon in front of the six nations, 3 games in a row. Nathan has gone to see Wales V Italy in Cardiff and having turned up to get the train this morning, found out that there were no trains running so is on a bus! We had to pop to casualty last night to get his ankle x-rayed (after he dropped some scrap metal on it last week at work). Luckily, there doesn't appear to be a break, so he has gone to drink the pain away!

Well, I saw Occupational Health this week and they didn't really tell me anymore than I knew already. I felt like I was making the suggestions to them and they were just agreeing. They agree that my classroom needs to be moved downstairs so I don't have to negotiate the stairs at school more than I need to, but also to keep my classroom at a reasonable temperature. They have also suggested I get in touch with 'Access to Work', which I have heard good things about and they may be able to help with more suggestions to get me back into work full time again.

I don't know if any of you watch Neighbours, but they are currently covering a story line where Susan Kennedy has got MS. I am watching with interest as she is mainly suffering with extreme fatigue, and dizzy spells and pins and needles in her hand. She has already blacked out in a car and run someone over, so there is obviously something not quite right. Although I don't suffer with extreme fatigue and blackouts, I know there are people out there who do.

I thought I'd take this chance to introduce my snoring partner for the day - she snores so loudly! So here is our 4 year old cat Jazz. She may look sweet and innocent but looks can be deceiving!!!!

Have a nice day,
Emma x

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

IV Steroids

Hey guys,

Well I'm on day 2 of my IV steroids and seem to be having a good response to them so far........! Fingers crossed! For those of you that don't know what the steroids do I'll try to explain it. They feed them straight into the vein (intravenously) for an hour a day over 3 consecutive days. They only help you recover from a relapse quicker than you would do without them. They also only help you recover to the extent you would do anyway without them. So if you are likely to suffer from effects of the relapse the symptoms may disappear temporarily with the steroids but may return after they leave your system. So now it's just a waiting game. The elf seems to be loosening it's grip though so that is some relief, perhaps he's losing his energy!

I have had a really lovely week so far, it's half term so I'm not expected in school anyway. I have caught up with 2 old school friends, which has been lovely. I have been to my physio balance group and now I am off to have my hair done. I am off for a meeting with Occupational Health tomorrow morning to find out how I'm going to get back into work so I'll let you know how I get on with that. I am also meeting my favourite teaching assistant for lunch on Friday. Looks like I'll be having a quiet weekend as well as Nathan is off to watch Wales V Italy in the 6 nations on saturday. I'll be cheering on the mighty Spurs in the Carling cup final!

Take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 18 February 2008

Fundraising for MS

Just wanted to publicise my Auntie's fundraising page. She is walking 60km to raise money for the MS Society, a cause close to my heart!
Be generous, it's a long long long way! Good luck Auntie T xxx


Hi all,
Hope you all had a good weekend and are suitably refreshed to face the week ahead. I'm on half term so have a reason not get out of bed! Normally, holidays are weeks spent catching up with other teacher friends who I haven't had the chance to see and this one is no exception. I had a lovely morning over a cup of tea, comparing our little darlings and what chaos they have been causing! It really is worth making the effort to see old friends.

I didn't get up to much this weekend, just a bit of pampering (well if you can call a leg wax pampering!) and watching the football. My husband Nathan is a Liverpool fan: say no more! He cooked a lovely roast yesterday and cleaned the house top to bottom, so thank you Nath!

I have news on the steroids; I am booked in for Tues, Wed, Thurs this week. I just hope they have the effect I am hoping for. I woke up this morn and my waist was even tighter than normal. I think my little elf has been working out at the gym because his grip is getting stronger!!! Painkillers it is for now. Thought I'd list my symptoms for you to let you know what course my MS has taken. It is different in everyone.

First symptom (2000): Optic Neuritis - In me, I lost my sight and went completely blind for 3 weeks. My sight came back but still a little like I've looked at the sun in the one eye. I now wear glasses for long distance.

1st Relapse, no steroids (Sept 2006): Slurred speech, found it hard to get words out for a couple of weeks. Treated as an ear infection because it was very similar in symptoms which is why I had no steroids.

Diagnosis (Oct 2006): Diagnosed after a couple of MRI scans. Offered a Lumbar puncture, but decided not to have one when Neurologist said that he would be surprised that if showed nothing and he was 95% sure I had MS. Not worth putting myself through the extra pain.

2nd Relapse, first course of IV steroids(May 2007): Numbness in legs, strange sensation to touch (as if legs aren't part of you). Unable to walk very far or stand for long periods. I had steroids and responded very well to them and was back on my feet very quickly.

3rd Relapse, steroids (Sept 2007): I started to get odd sensations back in legs and was unable to stand for long periods. But looking back I'm not sure this was a relapse just a re-emergence of old symptoms.

4th Relapse, steroids x 2 (Dec 2007 til present): Ms Hug (tightness around waist), Numbness from waist downwards, loss of core stability around my middle, loss of balance. I have one lot of steroids and I am now starting the second lot tomorrow.

Ongoing symptoms (that come and go:) L'Hermitte's: When I bend my neck, occasionally I get an electric shock type sensation shooting down my left arm. Uhthoff's Symptom: Increase in symptoms due to exposure to heat, my eyesight gets particularly bad.
Cold Feet and Hands: I was diagnosed with Rayanud's disease but since reading about MS I understand that this can be another symptom. Intention Tremor: When leg is in a certain position. Footdrop: Foot drags along floor during walking.

I hope this is of some use to those who read it. Those who may not yet be diagnosed might find it of some use to understand some symptoms, but those who don't have it may just be able to understand what people with MS go through. As I said everyone is different!

Right, if you are still awake I will say bye for now xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 15 February 2008

26 miles? Did I do that?

Hi everyone,
I'm back already, just couldn't stay away! Firstly I have added some links to websites that have helped me with advice and guidance on making decisions about MS. I hope you find them as useful as I have. The message boards on the MS Society website (A chance to talk) are great if you are looking for other MSers to talk to about your problems.
I was chatting to friends last night about this Blog and they said to write about the Moonwalk I did, just under 2 years ago. In May 2006, a group of us joined 10,000 (ish) other women and we donned our decorated bras and walked 26 miles (a whole marathon!) through the streets of London at midnight. It took us around 9 hours, but we did it and raised a lot of money for Breast Cancer. Looking back, I had symptoms of MS when we were training, so much so I gained the nickname 'thumper' for my leg that had no control when returning to the ground. I just tried to ignore it and kept going. I am just so proud that I managed to do it and did it when I could. I don't think I could even manage a mile now! I guess I'll have to find another challenge that I could achieve. Any ideas?
Right I must go and wake my robot legs up and get ready to go and teach this afternoon

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Hope you all have a great day. I am secretly hoping to hear if there are any proposals that have taken place today (Julia? Bailey?) Need a good wedding party to go to xxx

Welcome to my page!

Hi everyone,
My first post, how very scary! My mum suggested I keep a diary about everything I go through, and I laughed off the idea, I said 'who on earth would want to read about my life?', she replied 'other people with MS looking for advice'. So here I am!! I am no expert but if this helps to reassure people or make people smile then I am doing the right thing. As you can see I am relatively young (26), I got married to my wonderful husband when I was 24 and was diagnosed with MS 2 months after the wedding. He had no get out clause then!!! He is great with everything and has told me he is sticking around (I am a very lucky girl!). I am a primary school teacher (currently teaching Y5) and the PE subject leader for the school. I had quite a bad relapse over christmas so am currently not back to work time...........yet!

I went to see my Neurologist today for my follow up appointmentc after a dose of IV steroids a month ago. I had a good response immediately (I couldn't walk on the Tues and by the Wed I could!) but in the following couple of weeks I started to get worse again so this appointment came in handy! The good news is, he is giving me another dose of steroids next week which he is hoping will eliminate more symptoms. I am SOOOOO excited! Hopefully the little elf squeezing my ribs will disappear (tightness around waist and ribs) never to return. Which means hopefully I will be able to get back to work full time, watch this space.....................................

An insight to my life with MS