Monday, 23 March 2009


Hello all,

Well, as the title suggests I am starting Tysabri treatment. I saw my neurologist last week and he said that the scan had shown up new lesions so I was eligible to try Tysabri if I wanted to. So I am going to go for it and have been given April 27th as my start date. I am going to be writing a Tysabri diary of my experiences which you will be able to read on the MSRC website ( )

He also pointed out from the scan that I was currently having a relapse (which I suspected) so they gave me another course of IV steroids last week. I responded really well to them until 2 days after the course finished I woke up in agony. I have never known pain like it. My knees felt like they were grinding together and I couldn't even stand up. It was pretty scary. I suspected it might have been all linked with a water infection and was given antibiotics for this the next day and the pain everywhere else started to subside. I don't want to ever experience that again. But on the upside, although weak, my legs are stronger than they were.

As you can see from the picture, Ava is getting big now. She was 5 months last week. She makes all these problems bearable. And I must mention my wonderful husband who is such a great support for me. Plus he told me I don't mention him enough on here!!!!

Em x

Friday, 6 March 2009

Where does time go?

Hi guys,
I am so naughty not updating this for a while. I don't know where the time goes.....actually I do. She is called Ava and is the biggest time waster I know! Can you believe she is 20 weeks old today? The picture above is of her meeting our friend's little boy Joshua for the first time. He is 3 weeks younger than her. They were sooooo cute together. We went to see them at the weekend and just stayed in, watched the rugby and had a takeaway with a glass of vino. It was a welcome change of scenery for me.

My new car is due to be here at the end of March. I have to have a driving assessment in a couple of weeks to see which would be the best adaptations to the car for me. I'm a little scared as I haven't driven since August last year. I'm sure it will be fine though. I have also ordered myself a scooter. These 4 walls are finally driving me insane, it is like groundhog day every day. At least with a scooter I can strap Ava to me and go for a bit of a cruise ha ha!! Nathan has just bought a new car (a mondeo) so it has enough room for me, Ava and all our bits and bobs.

I had my MRI scan on Wednesday, I forgot how loud and boring they are. At least it's done now. I spoke to my MS nurse yesterday because we'd talked about steroids after the scan. My neurologist is going to see me next Tues instead of the 24th to discuss the options. I am hoping he will have the scan results so if I'm eligible for Tysabri we can get cracking with it.

That's all for now,
Emma x

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