Monday, 28 April 2008

Baby Richards!

Hi all,
I'm sorry I have not written for ages but I don't think I could have written on here without spilling the news about baby Richards! I am expecting my first baby on October 31st (and no we are not calling the baby Damian!). The picture above is the baby at the scan at 12 weeks, for those who cannot tell what is what - the head is on the right and that's it's leg up in the air on the left. We have another scan in about 6 weeks in which we can find out the sex of the baby if we want to but we want a surprise so will just keep guessing! I have a small bump expanding, well I know that's what it is, I probably just look fat to everyone else! My trousers are definitely getting tighter but I don't mind, it's all for a good cause.

My MS has not really changed with the pregnancy. I finally managed to shake off the hug (or the little elf got bored squeezing me!) which was a relief. My legs still get very tired, but that could be down to baby, being back at work full time or just the MS. So, I'm back at work teaching full time, which is hard work but I am just about coping. I think it makes it easier to cope knowing I don't have much teaching time left until I go on maternity leave. Access to Work have been so supportive and have provided me with 7 hours of support in the classroom. The support is entirely for me, someone to do my photocopying, put my displays up for me etc. My very own personal assistant! The other teachers at school are very jealous.

Well not long now until we have a nice week away in France. I am just hoping the weather is going to be better than it was when we went last year - it was colder and wetter in Bordeaux than it was in Bristol. We are supposed to be going away to Spain in August but I will be 30 wks pregnant by then and I am not sure I am happy about leaving the country in case this baby decides to make an early appearance, we will see.......

I will keep you updated on bump and how my MS reacts to the pregnancy.
Em x

Monday, 7 April 2008

Is it really British Summertime?

Hello avid readers,
I have not written for some time as again my life is very boring! I am officially on my school 'Easter' holidays and have had my first lie in of the holidays. I do feel sorry for Nathan who is getting up at 530 at the moment and having to leave me in bed sleeping.

So what is going on weather? Last week it was so mild it was beginning to feel like summer and now we have snow? This time last year it was so warm people were heading to the beach! The weather is going crazy.

I have just been to balance group and I'm having a little rest on the sofa, trying to summon up some energy from somewhere to go swimming tonight. My legs still seem to be cramping up at night, and I wake up and walk like a robot for half an hour or so. I seem to be crampy in different parts of my leg each day and I'm still no wiser as to the reasoning behind it!

Well it is not long now (about 7 weeks or so) until we head to France for a week with the family. We are both looking forward to a break away from work and this country. We have got a couple of weekends away coming up with friends we don't get to see as often as we'd like, so we are looking forward to those too.
Take care
Emma x

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