Sunday, 6 September 2009

Moving house, driving, back to school...ALL CHANGE!

Hello all,

Yet again I am in trouble with my family and friends for not updating this. It's not so easy now Ava is a demanding diva of nearly 11 months! I find it hard to get anything done now, she just wants to play, bless her! Well, a lot has happened since I last wrote...I don't know where to start.

In a month since I last wrote we have decided to move, found a Bungalow to move to, put ours on the market selling in 5 days and are currently awaiting a moving date. When I last wrote in July we weren't even thinking of moving. My parents have offered their financial support to enable us to move to a Bungalow making life easier for all of us -big thanks to them! As soon as they had put the idea in our heads we set about hunting for a Bungalow and viewed a few before finding the perfect one. Trouble is, we were in no position to buy it...we quickly got ours on the market and it sold in 5 days, so it all worked out perfectly. We are just waiting to exchange contracts now and get a moving date. So I may be in the new place when I next write!

I eventually got around to driving my new Motability car with hand controls. It is rather scary having driven a car with my feet for 10 years to start using a push/pull hand control and steering with your left hand. Anyway, shortly after I started driving it, Nathan drove it with the foot controls and the accelerator got stuck down. Luckily he managed to control it and pull up in a layby and then turned the engine off. Of course, as a result, I was very reluctant to drive it again. But, I've had to drive it to work and am now getting more used to it.

I am officially a teacher again! I went back to school last week and am contracted to work a Thurs pm and all day Fri. I really enjoyed it but was totally shattered! It was actually very strange for me...going from a relatively fit, active person who could walk unaided when I left to have Ava, to coming back in a wheelchair not be able to teach in the same way I used to. But I coped with driving there and back, and teaching some very successful lessons. It felt like I was getting a little bit of my old life back which felt great. I just need to get back to swimming now!

So, it feels like a new start for us...a new house, new car, back to work, all with our little girl. Wish me luck!

P.S I have my 6th infusion of Tysabri next week. I sometimes feel like I am getting stronger but I can safely say that I am no worse...which is the main thing!

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