Wednesday, 3 September 2008

No work!

Hello all (bump picture 31 weeks)

Well as the title suggests, I have not gone back to work :-(
I should have started back today but instead I have had to admit defeat.

I saw the midwife last week and she told me I would be silly to go back and put my body under more pressure, so I thought I had better put mine and the baby's health first. I had also been suffering with a partially numb face (one side) and patches of numbness in my legs and feet. Which as it happens (I saw my neurologist yesterday) is a relapse. So much for being relapse free through my pregnancy! He did say in extreme disabling relapses they would treat it with steroids but in this case the relapse is more irritating than disabling! (So good news in a strange kind of way). The best way to describe the feeling in my face is of having been to the dentist and had an injection for a filling or something. You know that numbness you get where you dribble and don't notice!!!!!!!! (I know you've all done it!). Luckily only my top lip is numb so no dribbling incidents to report.

Any suggestions of what to do for 8 weeks are very welcome as I will be going insane. My headteacher has told me to take up knitting....may be worth a shot.

Well we have 8 weeks to go until baby Richards arrives and think we are quite sorted with everything. The nursery is done (and has been for a while!), the bits and bobs nearly all sorted and the pram travel system arrived to my parents house this morning. How very exciting, all we need now is baby. I'm taking sweep stake odds for the sex of baby Richards, the date of arrival (due 31st Oct) and the weight. Answers on a postcard............

Bye for now
Em xxx

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