Monday, 6 October 2008

3 and a half weeks to go......

Hi all,
Not long now til baby Richards makes and appearance....and I am so excited! I took that picture this morning and noticed how strange the bump shape is. It may be something to do with baby lying bottom down (breech). We had a scan at 34 weeks to check the growth and everything was fine but we found out that baby was the wrong way around for delivery. I have since seen 2 different midwives and neither can tell which way baby is if they haven't got a clue neither have I!
My legs have really not been working so well and getting less efficient the bigger the bump gets. So we are seeing our consultant on Oct 14th to find out if the little monkey has turned. If not I will be booked in for a c section. If it has turned they may try and start contractions for me as baby will be counted as full term by then (37 weeks). So we may meet baby Richards sooner than we first thought.
So, the MS side of I said my legs have been the main problem. They are very tight and crampy and my balance is not great. I still also have my numb face which frequently gives me a headache or toothache. I am hoping to have a course of steroids when baby is out to help reduce these symptoms. I also had my first delivery of Rebif today ready to start treatment after the birth. That was quite scary...makes it real that I will have to inject myself soon.
I am under strict instructions from Nathan not to do anything around the house, which is lovely but also driving me insane!!!! I am officially sick of daytime tv having been off work since the school holidays in July. So I am signing off, which may be the last time before baby is this space.
Em xxx




That's so exciting that the baby is almost here. A friend of mine, whose baby had not turned yet, was instructed to gently bounce on a large exercise ball. The gentle up and down rocking apparently encourages the baby to shift so that the head points downwards. It's worth looking into.

Good luck!!

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Good Luck!!

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