Monday, 23 March 2009


Hello all,

Well, as the title suggests I am starting Tysabri treatment. I saw my neurologist last week and he said that the scan had shown up new lesions so I was eligible to try Tysabri if I wanted to. So I am going to go for it and have been given April 27th as my start date. I am going to be writing a Tysabri diary of my experiences which you will be able to read on the MSRC website ( )

He also pointed out from the scan that I was currently having a relapse (which I suspected) so they gave me another course of IV steroids last week. I responded really well to them until 2 days after the course finished I woke up in agony. I have never known pain like it. My knees felt like they were grinding together and I couldn't even stand up. It was pretty scary. I suspected it might have been all linked with a water infection and was given antibiotics for this the next day and the pain everywhere else started to subside. I don't want to ever experience that again. But on the upside, although weak, my legs are stronger than they were.

As you can see from the picture, Ava is getting big now. She was 5 months last week. She makes all these problems bearable. And I must mention my wonderful husband who is such a great support for me. Plus he told me I don't mention him enough on here!!!!

Em x


Lauren said...

Hi Emma,

I was so happy to read that you will be starting Tysabri soon..., I have had 32 Tysabri infusions so far, and it's the best decision I ever made.

Since restarting this medication in October 2006, I have had no new lesions and my MS is now stable, thank God.

You are so beautiful and your husband is very good looking too..., what a beautiful couple the two you make..., and I would be remiss not to mention your adorable daughter as well.

I am a Tysabri diarist on the MSRC site as well, and happen to know squiffy too..., welcome aboard!

Please feel free to visit my website (Living With MS-My Tysabri Diary):

All my very best you and your family..., Lauren :)

rachael said...

Hi Emma! I am encouraged that you are starting Tysabri, I just had my 20th infusion on Wednesday this last week. I love reading your blog, you are a wonderful voice for MS, and an encouragement to me!


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