Thursday, 27 October 2016

Busy Busy Busy!

So half term is upon us already. Well actually it is nearly over now already! Where did that go? I think I blinked and missed it somehow!
We had a quiet few days at the start of the holiday then the chaos started. After a 730am start on a SUNDAY, it could only mean one thing. I was a dance mum for the day. As much as I dread the early start, the coach journeys and the hanging around all day, you just do it for your child. You do it for them, because they want to do it. Big shout out to my mum & dad now, I now fully appreciate everything they did for me when I was a child growing up. They took me to training virtually every day and spent most of their weekends roasting on poolside watching me compete in swimming galas. I now appreciate this even more and realise what sacrifices they made. Ava loves to dance and is gaining in confidence by doing it.She does streetdance and freestyle, I personally think she dances well (I know I'm her mum and biased) she now just needs to show the attitude in street dance. She is too nice ! In November we are off to the IDTA Freestyle Nationals in Blackpool. She is dancing with her team Diva Dollz and a couple of solo dances. We are not expecting any medals or places, we are just looking forward to the experience, and apparently it IS an experience of feathers and glitter!!

The following day it was another early start as we were headed for Westonbirt Arboretum,( for a walk with my parents and their dog Mollie the cockapoo. We hired a mobility scooter (for a small donation) from them which limits you to 3 hours, so we got there for 10 to make the most of the time we had it for. The trees were beautiful, the colours were amazing, we timed it just right. The new bridge walk way over part of the woodland just adds to the magic of the place. We loved it, I think Ava loved it and Mollie most definitely loved it. My only grumble was the 3 hour time limit on the scooter, we could have spent so much longer there, although we were quite chilly by then. We will most definitely be back.
 So, I am a week and a half into the new treatment, I am just about remembering to take a tablet every day. I might need to set myself an alarm if I start forgetting! I have to take Gabapentin every morning to stop my eyes from shaking (my MS nurse has never known this drug to have this effect on anyone!) so I have put the Gilenya tablets on top of them so remind me. I am pleased to report that I am feeling well, no different really. I had a minor wobble yesterday where my arms and hands were temporarily weak, but when a loved one sees this and worries about you, it makes it worse!!! I know it was only because they care. Anyone else get this? The more people mention a problem or notice you are having a funny 5 minutes, the more exacerbated the symptoms become?

Emma x

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