Friday, 16 January 2009

My saviour...the perching stool!

It has only been 10 days since I last resolution is still going strong! Occupational therapy came around to assess me and I have now got a few gadgets to help me. My favourite thing is my perching stool for the kitchen. It means I can cook, wash up and make Ava's bottles without having to prop myself up somehow! It means that Nathan doesn't have to do EVERYTHING! I also have a handle fitted in the toilet to heave myself up and they wanted to put an extra banister in but because these new houses all have plasterboard walls, they couldn't put one in (guess I'll have to save up for a stair lift!!). I also have a bath lift as the shower seat I wanted didn't fit in the shower. This is good, but those of you with MS will know that the heat from a bath is not great for the legs (well in my case anyway!). So longer term, they may look to extend and lower our shower so it is level to the floor and big enough for a seat. So all in all, I was very impressed with the help I received.

My darling daughter is just starting to wake so I'd better go and get a bottle ready for her. Just wanted to wish my mum a happy 'special' birthday for yesterday...although I did see her!
Em xxx

4 comments: said...

How are the side effects of the Rebif....are they troublesome at night when you have to get up with the baby?

Emma said...

The main side effect I am having from the Rebif is a headache (and a banging one at that). I take paracetomal before bed and can feel it when waking up with Ava but it's bearable! Sometimes I feel really cold and am shivering yet my body is boiling. Hope this helps, Emma x

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your posts on your health. I have written to you before and I have so many similarities with my own ms. So to read about your own struggles is actually an encouragement to me, to know I am not alone. I also have a perching stool and LOVE it! I am so glad you are doing well, I look forward to your posts!
(have you tried taking your paracetamol two hours before your shot? And then again two hours after the shot?)

Emma said...

Hi Rachael,
Thanks for your lovely comment, it makes me so happy that I can cheer others up with my writing.Do you write a blog? Yes I take paracetomal but sometimes the headache just comes through!
Emma x

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