Tuesday, 6 January 2009

New Year's Resolution

Happy New Year to you all! As the title suggests I have a New Year's Resolution relating to the blog......to write posts more frequently. I feel very guilty that my last post was on November 21st as we are in January now. Oops! Well, where do I start?

Lets start with Ava. She is now nearly 3 months old and I can't remember life without her. We are getting smiles and giggles every day now and she can sleep well when she wants to! She was completely spoilt at Christmas, but thank goodness she didn't have many more clothes as she still hasn't worn all the clothes she was bought when she was born! This is a picture taken on Christmas Day:

My MS has not been great since she was born but I am thinking positive and hoping to build up my strength with physio and swimming. I have been injecting Rebif for a couple of months now and am still getting headaches occasionally through the night. They say to take paracetamol and sleep through the night but that is easier said than done with a 3 month old baby! I am also getting slight skin reactions around the injection site but they are nothing to worry about. My first blood test didn't show up anything so they are happy with the way my body is responding to the Rebif. I have had a second lot of steroids since Ava was born and I had another good reaction to them....but have since noticed the symptoms coming back again. My walking is pretty unsteady and I can't walk very far. The physio team think my balance is poor because my core stability has taken a battering with the pregnancy. So I am hoping that the exercises I am doing will help. I also went swimming last night for the first time since September and really enjoyed it. It was an effort to get ready, get into the pool, get dressed after and walk back to the car but I think it was worth it.

I am having a visit from occupational therapy today who are going to assess me and see if I need any equipment to help me around the house. I know they are bringing me a shower seat (as I get so hot in the shower I can hardly stand) and a perching stool to use in the kitchen. This will mean that I can make the bottles for Ava and cook tea without worrying about falling over!

I always read back through my posts when I've written them and I can never remember writing what I've written. It always sounds like someone else writing..not me! Anyway enough waffling,

Em x

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