Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Where do I start?

Hello all,
Yet again, it has been longer between posts on here than I would have liked so I have lots of news to share. Firstly my beautiful baby girl is over 6 months old now. I can't resist sharing another pic of her with you:

She is a good girl and is giving us a good nights sleep which is much appreciated and helps us get through the day! We are just getting her first passport and the photo above will be her picture. We are going to France in June with the family which will be lovely. I just hope she is ok on a plane.
It was Nathan's birthday back in Feb and I promised him tickets to watch Liverpool play at Anfield. I was unsuccessful in my first attempt but successful on the next. We are going to watch them against Newcastle next Sunday. You see, I say attempts to get tickets because if you want a disabled ticket you have to apply with all your details and then names are drawn in a ballot to see if you get a ticket. I have a wheelchair ticket and you can take up to 2 assistants (who are free) so it's a fuss to apply but well worth the value. We are also in the Kop grandstand and if you know about Liverpool that is the place to be so Nathan is very happy!
I went for a driving assessment yesterday for adaptations to my car to get me back on the road. It was very exciting but also very nerve wracking. My eyesight was tested and it wasn't very good due to the damage caused by Optic Neuritis but it was legal to drive...phew! I went out and had a drive of an adapted car - very very scary after driving with my feet for 10 years and not driven since August last year. But I started to pick it up! I am getting a steering lever for accelerating and braking (just a push/pull lever) and a steering ball on the wheel. Will definitely take some getting used to but will keep me a bit more independent.
Tysabri, Tysabri, Tysabri....I start it on Monday (27th). I am very excited but a little scared. I just want to get it started now. Of course I will keep you up to date with how it goes. I am also doing Physio once a week and using tilty table things which enable me to stand up straight for a short while and not look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame!
I think that's all the news so far, bye for now,
Em xxx


tba1 said...

Hi - I have just finished my 9th infusion. The first couple were scary but now the benefits have been so great I do not look back.
My Physo has me riding bikes, almost running!
Enjoy you family, your swimming, it will only get better from here!
The fact that I am coaching my sons rugby team this season is a big sign of positive change.
The best of luck ! - Tim

Emma said...

Thanks for your comment Tim, great news that you are having benefits from Tysabri. Good luck with the coaching,


Anonymous said...

Please let us know how your Tysabri infusion went. Hope yours went as smoothly as mine go!

(Tysabri since January 2007)

Kristin Miller said...

Emma, you are inspiring! I am the same age as you, living in the US, with ms. I have a little girl who's 4. Thank God she got here before my diagnosis last year. I am currently on Tysabri and will receive my 3rd infusion next week. I so want to have another baby. I will follow your blog as I have for the past months and will pray that mobility is fully restored to you. God Bless!
Kristin Miller

Kristin Miller said...

p.s. Are you on Facebook?

Kristin Miller said...
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