Monday, 18 February 2008


Hi all,
Hope you all had a good weekend and are suitably refreshed to face the week ahead. I'm on half term so have a reason not get out of bed! Normally, holidays are weeks spent catching up with other teacher friends who I haven't had the chance to see and this one is no exception. I had a lovely morning over a cup of tea, comparing our little darlings and what chaos they have been causing! It really is worth making the effort to see old friends.

I didn't get up to much this weekend, just a bit of pampering (well if you can call a leg wax pampering!) and watching the football. My husband Nathan is a Liverpool fan: say no more! He cooked a lovely roast yesterday and cleaned the house top to bottom, so thank you Nath!

I have news on the steroids; I am booked in for Tues, Wed, Thurs this week. I just hope they have the effect I am hoping for. I woke up this morn and my waist was even tighter than normal. I think my little elf has been working out at the gym because his grip is getting stronger!!! Painkillers it is for now. Thought I'd list my symptoms for you to let you know what course my MS has taken. It is different in everyone.

First symptom (2000): Optic Neuritis - In me, I lost my sight and went completely blind for 3 weeks. My sight came back but still a little like I've looked at the sun in the one eye. I now wear glasses for long distance.

1st Relapse, no steroids (Sept 2006): Slurred speech, found it hard to get words out for a couple of weeks. Treated as an ear infection because it was very similar in symptoms which is why I had no steroids.

Diagnosis (Oct 2006): Diagnosed after a couple of MRI scans. Offered a Lumbar puncture, but decided not to have one when Neurologist said that he would be surprised that if showed nothing and he was 95% sure I had MS. Not worth putting myself through the extra pain.

2nd Relapse, first course of IV steroids(May 2007): Numbness in legs, strange sensation to touch (as if legs aren't part of you). Unable to walk very far or stand for long periods. I had steroids and responded very well to them and was back on my feet very quickly.

3rd Relapse, steroids (Sept 2007): I started to get odd sensations back in legs and was unable to stand for long periods. But looking back I'm not sure this was a relapse just a re-emergence of old symptoms.

4th Relapse, steroids x 2 (Dec 2007 til present): Ms Hug (tightness around waist), Numbness from waist downwards, loss of core stability around my middle, loss of balance. I have one lot of steroids and I am now starting the second lot tomorrow.

Ongoing symptoms (that come and go:) L'Hermitte's: When I bend my neck, occasionally I get an electric shock type sensation shooting down my left arm. Uhthoff's Symptom: Increase in symptoms due to exposure to heat, my eyesight gets particularly bad.
Cold Feet and Hands: I was diagnosed with Rayanud's disease but since reading about MS I understand that this can be another symptom. Intention Tremor: When leg is in a certain position. Footdrop: Foot drags along floor during walking.

I hope this is of some use to those who read it. Those who may not yet be diagnosed might find it of some use to understand some symptoms, but those who don't have it may just be able to understand what people with MS go through. As I said everyone is different!

Right, if you are still awake I will say bye for now xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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