Thursday, 14 February 2008

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Hi everyone,
My first post, how very scary! My mum suggested I keep a diary about everything I go through, and I laughed off the idea, I said 'who on earth would want to read about my life?', she replied 'other people with MS looking for advice'. So here I am!! I am no expert but if this helps to reassure people or make people smile then I am doing the right thing. As you can see I am relatively young (26), I got married to my wonderful husband when I was 24 and was diagnosed with MS 2 months after the wedding. He had no get out clause then!!! He is great with everything and has told me he is sticking around (I am a very lucky girl!). I am a primary school teacher (currently teaching Y5) and the PE subject leader for the school. I had quite a bad relapse over christmas so am currently not back to work time...........yet!

I went to see my Neurologist today for my follow up appointmentc after a dose of IV steroids a month ago. I had a good response immediately (I couldn't walk on the Tues and by the Wed I could!) but in the following couple of weeks I started to get worse again so this appointment came in handy! The good news is, he is giving me another dose of steroids next week which he is hoping will eliminate more symptoms. I am SOOOOO excited! Hopefully the little elf squeezing my ribs will disappear (tightness around waist and ribs) never to return. Which means hopefully I will be able to get back to work full time, watch this space.....................................

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