Tuesday, 4 March 2008

First whole day of teaching!

Hello everyone,

I must firstly apologise in the delay of this post -I have been told off (thanks Sonia) and am going to try and make up for it now! I just felt that I hadn't done anything to report on, that is until.........TODAY! I am supposed to just be teaching mornings this week but today I thought I'd wait for my supply teacher this afternoon and explain the lesson. Just as well I stayed because the supply teacher didn't turn up. I had to nab a TA from another class to sit in with me. I am very excited though as I taught all day and I am still standing which means things are looking up..............

For those of you who watch Neighbours (I know I'm probably in the minority), Susan Kennedy is about to be diagnosed with MS. She has already blacked out at the wheel of her car and had funny dizzy spells. Last night she picked up a hot dish and couldn't feel it because her hands were numb. I think she is going to go blind from what I have heard (Optic Neuritis) which leads to her diagnosis. It's a very fast tracked version and not everyone experiences the same symptoms as her but nevertheless I think it is good that it is being highlighted by a high profile TV programme.

Emma x


Victoria Plum said...

Congratulations! Its great when you get back to it isn't it. You'll find the more you get life back on an even keel the less you find time to blog!

As for Neighbours - I haven't watched it for years but I am interested in what they do with the story line.....my other half isn't.....!!


Emma said...

I was actually quite upset when I watched Neighbours and saw Susan so upset. I think it just brought back memories!

Emma x



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