Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Happy belated Easter!

Hi everyone,

Well it's been a while again as I have had very little to report. My MS symptoms have stayed relatively stable since the last dose of steroids. My legs seem to get worse throughout the day, but I think that is just due to tiredness because when I get up in the morning they are better again!

Well our Y6's are off to PGL next week on their adventure holiday to deepest darkest Wales and I'm not going :-( I accept that it would probably be far too much for me, but it won't stop me sulking because I am not going, ha ha. Well it's a funny time at school just now - we've just had a 4 day weekend, then we've got 4 days this week, a full week next week and then we are off on our proper school holidays for 2 weeks!

Well Happy belated Easter to you all. We managed to have a nice quite relaxing weekend (shame about the school work). We didn't get much snow over here, looks like we missed out on the fun and games that the rest of the country had.

Oooh and before I forget: my auntie's walk is getting closer so I'm just going to re-post the link as it has dropped off the first page and I wouldn't want you to all miss out on sponsoring her!

Take care,
Em x

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