Friday, 7 March 2008

MS Awareness, Blogging Friends and a little Link Love

There are at least 137 MS Bloggers out there actively discussing whatever suits their fancy. Below you will find many of these suspects....wait... I mean lovely blogger friends who happen to have multiple sclerosis.I'd like your help in spreading the word, and in doing so we will strengthen the bonds of our own little Multiple Sclerosis Blogging Web (and share some linkie love with each other). If you are not an MS Blogger, but are a regular reader here, please feel free to help spread the word too.

Here are some bloggers to check out:
A Stellarlife (Diane)
Multiple Synchronicities & Sclerosis (Merelyme)
Friday's Child
My Journey - Living Well with MS (Diana)
Sunshine and Moonlight (Kim)
The MonSter Ate My Branes! (Natalie)
Queen Mediocretia of Suburbia
Brass and Ivory (Lisa)
Brain Cheese (Linda)
Maybe I'm Just Lazy (Julie)
Carole's MS Blog (Carole)
Great Mastications (Orla)
Movin' On with MS (Sammie)

Thank you for helping to build a stronger MS Community.


squiffy said...

I came across your blog via the Carnival Of MS Bloggers.

You may be interested to hear about a new, unique and inclusive Global Multiple Sclerosis Community providing not only up to date MS News and Stories, but a place where those affected by Multiple Sclerosis can communicate with others affected by the disease, and the wider public, by means of Online Blogs, Discussion Forums and Net-based social interaction, which the Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre launched yesterday in collaboration with cre8Buzz.

Why not come and have a look, there are already some established MS bloggers signed up, and maybe join in, it is a great way to promote your blogs etc.

squiffs ;O)

Emma said...

Thanks squiffy, will take a look,

SwampAngel65 said...

Hi Emma! I also found your blog through Lisa's "Carnival".

I was diagnosed in the summer of 2006 and have had no relapses since starting on Copaxone. I hope that I can maintain the sense of humor and good spirits you seem to have when the time comes that I do get another attack.

I'm sure I'll be back to visit again soon!

Zee said...

Hi aHi Emma - ran across your blog via Lisa's Brass & Ivory site and just wanted to say hello. I was diagnosed in June 2006 and also had optic neuritis as my first relapse. I didn't go completely blind, but it was sure scary!

You can find me on the web here:

Will bookmark you and continue to follow your adventures!

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