Monday, 17 March 2008

I'm alive!


I'm back! It is so much harder to find the time to write on here as I'm back at work pretty much full time now. Occupational health have given me permission to go back full time if I am feeling up to it, so I think I'll keep supply on hand for the next couple of weeks until our school holidays and come back in the summer term and have my class back! I would be lying if I said teaching full time again was easy - it is a challenge, but one I am determined to try and overcome. I have got great support at school and they are taking extra duties away from me (such as playground duty) to get me back into work.

I have got parents evenings this week, one part of the job that I dread. I wonder if parents dread it as much as teachers do? Luckily this is the only one now before the end of the year, just their final reports to go now!

Well, we had a lovely weekend with our friends coming to stay and catching up with my brother in law and his wife. It was Nathan's gramps 90th birthday on Sunday and we surprised him with a little party, which he appeared delighted with. I haven't really been up to much else as I've been shattered!

I have been to balance group today and am now quite tired. My legs are quite often shaky when I come out of there- shows I've been doing something he he! They were mean and made me try and stand on a wobble board on one leg - not something that comes easy to me! I still have good days and bad days with my legs (even though they are all good days compared to before) and I still can't put my finger on the reasoning for the difference. Perhaps one day I will figure it out!

Will try not to leave it so long next time!

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